1. Tyrique LewsinkiMinaj says

    Guys She performs, Anaconda, Bang bang THOSE ARE CONFIRMED, And Whats
    rumored is That she performs with Beyonce and Usher ! THE QUEEEEN OF RAP

  2. mast3rmind55 says

    Sooo excited for the Anaconda performance! It’s such a fun song, it was #1
    on iTunes upon its release, and it’ll definitely return there after the
    performance and video 

  3. Rozalyn245 says

    OMG imagine Nicki performing with Beyonce, Jessie, AND Usher as well as
    Anaconda. I don’t think they’d let her do that lol but god damn that would
    be amazing. 

  4. EscudeMinaj SRB says

    She is actually performing
    Anaconda,Bang Bang & She Came To Give It To You ft Usher.
    She confirmed that by favoriting tweets on her twitter about those 3 

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