1. MsMissme2011 says

    I think it’s great that both ladies are getting such a huge amount of money
    for 1 nite. I happen to think Nicki deserves to make more than Beyonce
    because Nicki’s buzz is bigger than Beyonce’s. Nicki is that crazy
    unpredictable colorful breath of fresh air and you’d never know what to
    expect from her but Beyonce is predictable, We already know what we’ll get
    from her. I’d rather see Nicki than Beyonce. #TrueTea

  2. ghostrobo123451 says

    Nobody cares about 1 more mill then beyonce beyonce makes way more then her
    anyways nicki looks up to beyonce

  3. misslynetta says

    Congrats to them both! Bey is a vet its prob bc bey is going to perform to
    a select few with a more private performance and nikki’s will be a
    different kind of crowd!

  4. FarQRsoul says

    Beyoncé – “Highest paid celebrity couple 2012” Beyoncé & Jay Z 78 million –
    Forbes (beyoncé 40mill, Jay Z 38mill) “Worlds most beautiful woman 2012”
    Beyoncé – Time Magazine “50 million dollar Pepsi deal” “2013 Super bowl
    Halftime show” Beyoncé (Nicki was just a side act for Madonna) Who’s the

  5. xoxop94 says

    I think that Beyonce is be the best even though she may earns less than
    Nicki. She is the real diva and nothing will change about it. I am waiting
    for her come back so badly…WE LOVE YOU BEYONCE!

  6. Ricky Anderson says

    nicki played to a club packed to the gills. bey got $4mil for a private
    show of 700 people…her paper game eats Nicki’s.

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