1. Games'n' Guitar says

    “Music is dominating YouTube”. *lists off a bunch of acts that can barely
    be considered music*

    GIVE ME MEGADETH!!!! ME-GA-DETH!!! ME-GA-DETH!!!! We want fucking

  2. Thekiddreamer11 says

    Nicki minaj is a nigger so no matter how hard she tries to be sexy in the
    end she’s a black cunt with fake ass and tits and also fake skin , katy
    perry is hotter

  3. Isaac Gasca says

    Beatles lyric had actual meaning behind their drug like nonsense, i hate
    his generation so much. I wish all this shitty music would just go away.
    Seriously haha, music gone to shit. And now that i go to a ghetto school
    its everywhere. Everytime i think they cant fuck it up more they do. Its
    all sex and ass and swearing and violence . Its making me go crazy. It
    makes me so sad to think where its all heading. :'(. If there is a heaven,
    they better not have shit music. 

  4. jaron Smith says

    I think it’s a legit work of art. This song is really about female
    empowerment or at least the lap dance at the end is about female
    empowerment. It’s really a jab at the industry for being so over
    sexualized. That’s why it’s so over the top.

  5. Opalance says

    I hate pop music…I hate Nicki Minaj…I hate out culture…I hate
    people…I hate everything, fuck this world.

  6. Pedophile disguised as a school says

    Uhh, wtf? those beatles lyrics were from one song, and that song was
    intentionally written as crazy as and hard to understand as possible,
    because john was sick of people analysing his songs. But, all those lyrics
    still contain meaning, know to only john..

  7. Bastion Gray says

    These vids are terrible. I’m lucky that in Germany everything that slightly
    has to do with music is banned by the GEMA.

  8. DoctorNerd says

    I want a 3some with Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus. I don’t care if Minaj is
    fake, and Cyrus has nothing. I like Miley’s body, and I feel Nicki would be
    crazy in bed. Miley too but in a different way. XD

  9. MrPanos2000 says

    actually john mentioned in his book apocalypse that when people start
    listening to mainstream pop (niky minaj, lady gaga, justin bieber) the
    beast would make his appereance… BRACE YOURSELVES, FOR THE ARRIVAL IS

  10. YTNoob Gaming says

    I do not want to live anymore after seeing this. All i see is nikki
    jiggling her implants everywhere and listening to her say the same crappy 6
    sentences over and over. Today’s music is just so retarded man. R.I.P good

  11. PurpleDerpy says

    So much negativity. A lot of you need to chill. If you don’t like the song
    don’t listen to it, and if you don’t like this type of music, don’t listen
    to it.
    It’s not bad music.
    It’s not a bad song.
    Different people have different tastes.
    Pretty much all the negativity in the world comes from the desire for
    universal agreement instead of UNDERSTANDING.

  12. JAVALENO says

    This is why I love Machinima. They love the Anaconda song, and I love it.
    The lyrics are fucking unique as fuck. Being a fat bitch myself, I hate
    seeing skinny bitches. It is so overrated. Fuck all y’all.

  13. saithvenomdrone says

    I just think it’s so sad that this kind of music is what the general public
    is into. I keep seeing mainstream music getting worse and worse with vulgar
    language. A song can have a dirty meaning, but being so blunt is disgusting
    and sends a poor message to the newer generations about how they should
    behave.. Now I understand that everyone has different tastes in music, but
    it’s just sad that this is even a taste people like.

  14. FuturisticBlader GT (BahamdiaGT) says

    This is not even music! Real music is the music that was played back in the
    1970’s & rock along with hard metal is good music. Nicki Minaj is just one
    of those pop singers who make songs for her body to be shown and not the
    actual attention of other people. #SomePopMusicIsRuiningOurGeneration :/

  15. Mad Max Rockatansky says

    The most dumb question is asking why is that video so appealing. it’s easy,
    because of half naked girls. Only three kind of people go watch that video.

    1) Nicki’s fans
    2) People who see the video being suggested in the home menu
    3) Masturbators

    which category you identify yourself?

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