Nicki Minaj – Trini Dem Girls – Choreography by Tricia Miranda – (ft Aidan Prince) @timmilgram


  1. iamquita3 says

    At 4:22 that’s Samantha Long right?! I’m not too sure! Cache, Jade, all of
    the kids (Aiden is adorbs!), the guy dancing alone (WHAT IS HIS
    NAAAAAME!!?). Everybody! Allison always give me much needed life lol. 

  2. Jayla Katherine says

    uhmmmm i feel like it’s such bad dancer etiquette when you’re all watching
    someone and you’re doing the dance to yourself in the back.All that shows
    is that you think it should be you and you’re not being supportive of the
    dancer that was chosen. Be supportive. your time will come. stop
    distracting me!!! lol

  3. zuadqz says

    I watch it a few times a day everyday… and still can’t believe 😮 😮
    Do anybody know the name or any other videos of the girl in 2:00 ?

  4. 3Marron says

    awww shi* i see another up and comin female beast…who is that black chick
    with the blonde highlights…she bad. she had confidence n swag. i think
    she should have been featured. nice choreo tricia

  5. mzsbubblezs says

    Thick girl in the black was getting it, I love seeing big girls get down,
    no offense but you always see skinny girls like me dancing but it’s
    something about a big girl doing it that gives me life!!!!

  6. marsmc4 says

    Let me start out by saying Miss Jade Chenowyth you are LEGENDARY! GEAUX the
    fuck AWFFF doll!

    To the queen in the first group up front. Your makeup doesn’t match your
    skin tone, mama, and chewing your gum so hard that it’s all anyone can
    focus on is disgusting. If you danced as hard as you were killing that gum
    I’d see it, but the boys behind you WORE YOU OWWWT! BYE!!!

  7. theaterhobo says

    For everyone who keeps asking, *his name is Darrion Gallegos*.
    And you know exactly who I’m talking about.

  8. Cameron Nichols says

    Did u notice the guy in the back for the frist three and he is on the left
    and he did like nothing his dancing was bad sorry

  9. Swimming .4you says

    What’s the girls name. That’s wearing the cap on the right side of the girl
    with blonde highlights in her hair? 

  10. Lisa13245 says


    This is everything!

    I want that little girl in the blue to know she is everything she thinks
    she is because she SERVED

  11. Camila Rosa says

    Oi sou do brasil, estou aprendendo a dança hip hop, vocês dança muito bem
    parabéns espero um dia poder dança igual a vocês. 

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