1. WantSomeMore says

    The song is to mucho dope, i don’t understand why a basic lyric video, only
    has a better one with a not good enough song as that one. Nicki you must
    record a dope video beacuse that’s what this music needs.

  2. Dreams2Reality says

    People still hate on nicki, drake, etc. They doing them stop fuxking
    hating, they should inspire u tjey came up, I know they aren’t the most
    lyrical but it’s ok, me n my crew still look up to them even tho our music
    is conscious, they blew up after they got tjey chance that’s all wee need
    if u guys got time, give us 2 minutes to listen to our music I promise u
    will not be disappointed…

  3. Daniel Sullivan says

    Definition of *Truffle Butter* : From Urban Dictionary

    1) A type of butter containing truffles. Truffle butter is considered
    gourmet. High quality truffle butter is often expensive.
    Example: “Nicki Minaj references truffle butter in her new song as way of
    expressing her expensive taste.”


    2) Truffle butter is when you pull you dick out of the asshole an continue
    fucking her pussy, and the tan buttery substance around her pussy is
    truffle butter.
    Example: “Eat my pussy, hell nah bitch, not after I just put it in your
    pussy from your ass, you got truffle butter hoe!!”

  4. diamante12355 says

    UP IF YOU AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ilikeweezyfbaby says

    Die hard fan of Wayne, but gatta be honest on the side too… he fucked up
    the song. Except the last verse was killa

  6. Fan Girl says

    Uh, thinkin’ out loud
    I could be broke and keep a million dollar smile
    LOL to the bank checkin’ my account
    Bank teller flirtin’ after checkin’ my account
    Pretty ladies, are you here? Truffle butter on your pussy
    Cuddle buddies on the low
    You ain’t gotta tell your friend that I eat it in the morning
    Cause she gonna say “I know”
    Can I hit it in the bathroom? Put your hands on the toilet
    I put one leg on the tub
    Girl, that’s my new dance move, I just don’t know what to call it
    But bitch you dancing with the stars
    I ain’t nothin’ like your last dude, what’s his name? Not important
    I bought some cocaine if you snortin’
    And she became a vacuum, put it on my dick like carpet
    Suck the white off white chocolate
    I’m so heartless, thoughtless, lawless n’ flawless
    Smallest regardless, largest in charge and born in New Orleans
    Get killed 4 Jordans
    Skateboard, I’m gnarly; Drake, Tunechi and Barbie
    You know

    Am I the only one who enjoyed Lil’ Waynes part cause I got to admit it’s
    hilarious. xD

  7. Tegan Hoy says

    I like this song but I don’t want it to be a single
    Nicki already did ‘Only’ enough with Drake & Lil Wayne I love em but. Go
    she should make ‘the Night is Still Young’ or ‘Feelin’ Myself’ video

  8. Ariana Snider says

    They were all really fucking good in this song, and I don’t like them. I
    came here because it was on Shop Jeen’s website.

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