Nicki Minaj Twerks With Ariana Grande! ‘Bang Bang’ & ‘Anaconda’ Performances – iHeartRadio 2014


  1. DucksgoquackCowsgomooCatsgomeow Dogsgowoof says

    Two things.

    She’s disgusting, fake ass, probably fake tits, I wouldn’t touch her if I
    had a 90 foot pole.

    She’s always lip syncing, stop fucking supporting trash artists like her
    who don’t even sing live.

  2. Foxy Lover says

    The heck Ariana you have no ASS Nikis may be fake but seriously you can
    twerk you are just moving your legs back and foward like freaking piece of
    paper falling .. YOU are flat from back and front all you have thats cute
    is your stupid face with tons of makeup psh and your extensions because of
    your “getting bald” crap. xD Niki was twerking slowly for you,buut no luck
    you couldn’t twerk 🙁 …… not shoking and i know imma get alot of hate
    but i have been waiting to say the truth…… 

  3. spoderman says

    Dear Ariana, stop acting like you’re 21 (get it the vine) you’re only 12.
    You can’t even twerk hun


  4. psych0deviant says

    Why hasn’t Nicki Minaj’s 15 minutes of fame ran out yet? Is her fake,
    hilariously oversized ass really that appealing to so many people? There’s
    definitely a line where a woman’s ass stops being “big but nice” and just
    becomes “freakishly large” and Nicki passed that point by a lot.

    Secondly, I’ve never watched this channel and have no interest to watch it
    again in the future, but I gotta ask, why do these channels always have the
    most annoying hosts. It’s always either some hipster douche or a dumb
    obnoxious chick. Shouldn’t a host be someone with a somewhat likeable

  5. Japhia Palmer says

    I’m so sick of black girls putting there “Asses” out there before there
    self, like having a big ass is just the world, Nicki pisses me off because
    she pollutes and poisons the mind of girls 2 just have a big butts & tweak
    . And where is that gonna get u Attention, Fucked, and Pregnant, then
    lefted on your own cuz you we’re not “wifey material ” plus Nicki only has
    that body dude 2 hella plastic surgery and we all know that from Google
    Images “Nicki Minaj before” pictures lol like really.

  6. Mincraft life says

    Ariana grande has a small ass and why is she trying to twerk when she knows
    she can’t.

    I bet you that in her brain she said I can totally twerk with my big ass

    Bitch please

    She got no ass

  7. Demya Allen says

    Not trying to start anything but y y’all hating on Nicki is it because she
    is much more successful in life and ur…………. Like I said I ain’t
    gonna start anything but her haters pay more attention to her than her fans

  8. King Midas says

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  9. Junior Rodriguez says

    She looks like the damn COOKIE MONSTER and BIG BIRD had a baby and got
    tangled on a weave on its way out from the uterus LMFAO i cant 

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