1. MrBillyboi07 says

    her back up singers are doing it for her, in va va voom she letting them
    steal the show, it aint no audio, they can all sing, watch and listen all
    you dumb arse haters…….she queen nicki behind queen bee!!!


    a voz dela e diferente dos videos nen qui lixo acho mais bonita a voz do
    video dela doque du show dela nen qui lixo

  3. Serena S says

    She has to have her audio playing in the back bc she raps and is constantly
    moving and I don’t think she can keep a steady voice and sing after she has
    just been rapping 

  4. STN music says

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  5. Callum Plays says

    The person screaming was really off-putting – especially when she was
    trying to do her verses.

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