1. MsKittenz1 says

    I have heard she’s a bit of a headache…& alot of the older audience feel
    she has no respect tor talent who’s been in the industry way before
    her….if you read articles that are for younger age groups yeah they will
    probably give her a pat on the back, but yeah, I’m just not a fan…I like
    Mariah, Keith & Randy ….that’s it.

  2. MsKittenz1 says

    Also wanted to add your wife (sorry cant remember her name) looks gorgeous
    and no I personally don’t think she’ll be there 2 seasons…if she
    does…good for her. But she seems irate at times and a bit bi-polar.

  3. Jessie Parris says

    wtf are u guys talking about? and where ar u guys getting your news info?
    the blogs, newspapers and tv news are praising nicki minaj saying she is
    the best on the panel!! both of you are a bunch of clowns that like to hate
    for no reason!! how about you dumb asses wach american idol first, before
    getting your thirsty hating asses on youtube talking about a show ya’ll did
    not even see for yourselves smh… this is the first time i see your
    youtube blog and my last what a joke …

  4. Jessie Parris says

    the sad part about this is that ya’ll hating on one of the first black
    female artist to accomplish so much in such short period of time and one of
    the only black female artist to land a spot on a national american idol
    show smh… ya’ll should be proud of her… but black people always
    bringing other black people down whats new smh…

  5. watchaname666 says

    3 black judges have grace. i think black people bring eachother down while
    always having drama yet when another race points it out we r racist fuck
    that stfu mariah carrey u look like u need an anema look like u have bad
    gas cramps nicki u koo but u look like u base ur answers on ur moods randy
    jackson brother man u cant brown nose wit a bitch like mariah she dont shit
    fucking pussy ass foo get the fuck on jomie ur mariahs bitch like her 12
    year old hubby

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