1. Alexa Lamothe says

    When I saw her holding her outfit in the front I thought she was gonna just
    rip it all off in the end

  2. osnapitzlai y says

    Nicki Minaj is porn on national television. Whoever idolises her needs to
    check themselves in the hospital 

  3. Halo Mccoy says

    These women need to knock it off. Doing anything for attention just to give
    people something to talk about. I doubt this was an accident and no one’s
    gonna make me think otherwise. Out of all three girls she’s the only one
    that DIDN’T have a handheld microphone. And why? Maybe because she knew she
    would need both her hands free to hold a so called wardrobe malfunction
    together? This was more obvious than toni Braxton’s so called malfunction a
    while ago. As if she didnt know her ass was out, dont be ridiculous. As
    expensive as these women outfits are you’d think they wouldn’t fall apart.

  4. deztroyer76 says

    Completely planned and fake. She conveniently was the only singer with the
    hands free mic. Nice try MTV. 

  5. Marshall Neal says

    She had already done this in rehersal. Planned? Oh yeah. Stupid publicity
    act and not worth air time. Shes horrible anyways. 

  6. sabine dupuy says

    Most celebrities don’t actually use the clothes they performed in while
    rehearsing they usually wear something else that’s a bit similar probably
    she used another dress than this that didn’t have a zipper

  7. Felipe Garay says

    Nikki made it work so if u guys r talking shit put ur self in that position
    …would u go on stage? so stop talkin shit accidents happen i think it was
    an excellent proformance

  8. Reynor Bulaklak says

    the show must go on whatever it takess, nicki minaj proves even she’s got a
    problem with her dress she cont. what she started 

  9. Grace Marie says

    The stylists should of stepped up their game. If Nicki didn’t handle it
    like she did, then it would of been the stylists’ fault.

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