1. Joey The Dark Knight says

    Damn, it’s really get real out here to sell albums. Faking beef, throwing
    bottles at niggas heads in the club, fucking dudes baby mommas, screaming
    everyone is racist. Serious question, does anyone else feel like J. Cole is
    using the shootings to promote himself on the low? Not knocking anything he
    has said though.

  2. Melanie Jones says

    I dont think so. Why would we by an album just cause she broke up with
    someone we BARELY even knew about anyway

  3. oracle4eva says

    they broke up awhile before her album tho & all her fans have known about
    her relationship for YEARS . If you’re not her fan you probably wouldn’t
    know but I don’t think she’s using it for her album . The only reason the
    break up is getting really noticed now is because she did an interview and
    got emotional when asked about it 

  4. Uncle Victor says

    This is nothing more than the typical black woman’s definition of a
    “relationship”. On and off again over the years with the same dude. All in
    the while getting fucked by every other Tom, Dick, and Harry (and in her
    case, Mary) in the hood! All in the while, still trying to claim “loyalty”
    to that one grimey nigga.

  5. russellmorris52 says

    you saying shes never talked about her relastionship is BS , safari has
    been in a buncho of her interviews , i dont even fuck with nicki like that
    at all and i knew she had a boyfriend lol 

  6. Jay H says

    That’s what her arrogant ass gets how you gone keep y’all relationship a
    secret but he gotta let it be known you his woman? Smh double standard

  7. Bee Gee says

    No, young nigga Akademiks… let me school you again. Nicki was honestly
    with Safari for 12yrs. I knew the kid since he graduated from Midwood High
    in BK. And I knew Nicki since she was in the hoodstars (you do the google
    homework). The break up is real. AND…the fact that Nicki never talked
    aboiut having a boyfriend alot is VERY common in the entertainment
    business. By downplaying your relationship helps give the sexual illusion
    that the common folk has a shot. This shit has been a practice since the
    50’s with Elvis and 70’s with Teddy Pendergrass. I can school you with a
    WHOLE lot more… but gotta run.

  8. El Chivato says

    Why the fuck would they be communicating by tweeting on twitter for
    everyone to see instead just calling the person up? Wack ass attention
    whore sell their soul burn in hell fuck niggas.

  9. Lil Atheos says

    Damn! I didn’t know Nikki was a God fearing woman either lol I thought she
    was a Satanic whore slut. Ahahahahaha

  10. Dee Matthews says

    This video lame af, your a youtuber bitch you’ll never be on her level so
    STOP ……fucking weak sauce.

  11. Jasz Sealy says

    I don’t think anyone could write music Like she has WITHOUT actually being
    heartbroken. She’s cried in atleast 4 interviews when they just bring it
    up! Are you mad! If she wanted to use it for her album surely she’d fucking
    display the relationship first? She hides it.. And all of her fans know
    about Safaree so 

  12. chantell hill says

    Yo you sound dumb as hell. Fa real Fa real. If you actually paid attention
    you could tell they was together. And what kind of financial gain would she
    need? She’s a muthafuckin MILLIONAIRE NIGGA!!! I know you said you bought
    her album but you’s a negative hatin ass nigga.

  13. Christal St.Louis says

    Signs… Really? I wish these two would just stop and have a seat and work
    out their issues. I really don’t think they should be like this to one
    another I know they’re both hurt but stop just stop… Wish the best for
    these two…. Signs.

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