Nicki Minaj

Question: I’m just really curious, what do you guys think of Nicki Minaj? I’m not a fan or anything like that but I don’t hate her or something. I just want someone others opinion on Nicki Minaj. Thank you.

Answer: Nicki Minaj is amazing. She is one of the hardest working artists in the industry. She has accomplished so much these past few years. From music, fragrance, clothing line, Myx Moscato, world tours, to acting (Other Women – 2014). People always judge her because of her looks. But why? Maybe she did get plastic surgery, maybe she didn’t. People judge her, dislike her, and are “grossed” out because of her life choice to get plastic surgery. Well she isn’t harming her body! People like Wiz Khalifa smoke on a regular basis and people don’t judge him for that! The smoking his hurting him more than the surgery is hurting Nicki. I happen to think Nicki looks beautiful. People need to get over her looks, and realize everything she has accomplished. Her music is phenomenal. From rap to pop, she kills the charts with every track she drops. When she performs live, she combines music with acting. She does nothing more than give her fans quality and worked worked hard to get where she is today. For that, I respect her.

So to sum that up, I think Nicki Minaj is a role model and is fantastic at what she does.