Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” Video Twerking Highlights – Ariana Grande Reveals 4 New Songs! (DHR)


  1. Rachlovespink says

    Ok Erin I am kinda like you here what is OG??? Loved today’s episode I love
    watching them before bed after a long day at school y’all are the best gals
    on the Internet!!!

  2. Hope English says

    I don’t like Ariana. I think she’s stuck up. And bratty. Ad I don’t think
    she’s a good actress. At all. Or a good singer. She tries too hard when she

  3. SharonBernath says

    +Clevver News +MistyKingma +Erin Robinson lol you girls are so funny!! +Erin
    Robinson please tell me where you got that shirt from you are wearing?
    Would so love to know!! 🙂
    I just love Ariana Grande’s music I think she is so talented. Just love
    her!! 🙂
    I hope that Demi Lovata had a good birthday today? Love her so much, And +
    MistyKingma and +Erin Robinson I saw thoses tweets of yours on twitter
    today and hope that Demi Lovata will noticed your tweets. 🙂
    Some of those words I have heard of and some of them I haven’t that you
    showed on here.
    Please pick me or +RemoteControlTV1 or +Clay Brice to be clevverette of the
    week this week or please give us a shout out. We love you oh so much and we
    watch you girls all the time and think you are awesome!! 🙂 So please
    please pick us please. We love you!! 🙂
    You girls inspire me and are so much fun to watch and you always make me
    smile when I watch you girls on here. Love ya lots. I also love the
    fashions you wear and look them up and write it down so I can get what you
    are wearing on the show. You girls are very fashionable and I love that.
    🙂 Hope you see this comment of mine. :)

  4. akirah uhdnas says

    hi as i said… here is a surprise that i made… for +MistyKingma and +Erin
    Robinson… #clevverett4life ! omg its not posting ill try to send u sry…

  5. Hibo The Reader says

    I know two peas in a pod! Erin and Misty. Y’all are awesome at Clevver.
    When’s the new stuff coming? 

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