1. Kimbley Parker says

    The respect was completely gone Drake and Lil Wayne and other rappers
    talking about her sexually in thier musik. and all that stuff I bet nobody
    could rap about having sex wit Beyonce or Kim K

  2. Ronald Tucker says

    After watching the interview he did with Sway he must not really fuck with
    these cats. He was like a whole different person on there. They should’ve
    talked more about his music too cause he’s dead nice. 

  3. BamBam Machida says

    lol i see why they broke up. Nicki ass want a savage that put her in line
    if she wild out. He just let her do whatever. lbs she prolly was like this
    nigga soft asL

  4. Vegus capelli says

    Yo this Dude is some kinda coon yo i might not know what was going on with
    them personally but viewing this on air interview he sounds like some fag
    smaking his lips and shit im glad she left him 

  5. omega mega83 says

    U have a new fan right here brother . He a real side for keeping it so that
    . Let carmaker and god deal with Niki . Keep it pushing and live your life

  6. dothedeed says

    You had 1 job – cream pie the fake ass and get a kid to keep her connected
    to you. Even K-Fed knew to do that with Britney. Now you’re not even a
    footnote in history. That career is going no where. 

  7. Deaudria Moultrie says

    I’m about to stab my fucking ears…from all that fucking smacking…I
    would have told dude like DAMN BRU WHY DON’T YOU PUT THAT DAMN CUP DOWN

  8. Chanel Flowerbomb says

    I’m wondering ……….what kind of mental / psychological disability has
    he been struggling with all his life. This is pure fuckery to walk away
    from such a beautiful woman like Nicki. Not to mentioned a damn Multi-
    Millionaire. Nicki’s gonna still be making millions even when she retires
    from the rap game. What a fuc’n dumb move on his part. Simp ass dumb nigga

  9. Carissa S says

    He is the mastermind behind nicki minaj whole life he actually help made
    her who she is today . Safaree really love nicki he would never hurt her
    that’s why he doesn’t say much when they try to be negative he always keep
    it positive….hes a great….Real Man :-)

  10. Nikki Kartel says

    That woman is and will always be an attention seeking bitch!! She has no
    damn morals clearly – you go SB – you will do okay moving forward!!

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