Nicki Minaj’s ‘ONLY’ Music Video – Selena Gomez Talks Justin Bieber’s Blonde Hair (DHR)


  1. zozeeboo says

    ” Chris brown should not be on this song, he has his own anger issues “wtf?
    I don’t give a fuck about Chris brown but what does his anger issues have
    to do with making music? That’s like ignorant as fuck, and you’re not
    professional critics about music so don’t act like you get to chose and
    judge people like that. 

  2. jessica guerrero says

    Ugh i don’t care about insurgent please don’t make another video about it

    And … SPOILER ALERT : (Thanks to my friend)
    Tris gets shot at the end of the whole serious.

    (Say thanks to my friend btw since she spoiled divergent for me which i
    never cared about i spoiled mocking jay for , i love that serious

  3. Hibo Everdeen says

    OH MY GODS! You’ve hit 1M!!!! That’s fantastic guys! I’ve been subscribed
    to this channel for about a year and I love it! Keep working girls!

  4. Danny S. says

    Yes. Nick went WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TOO FAR in her “Only” music video.
    Especially, when she brung in Chris Brown.

    I loved the Insurgent trailer you guys!! I’m reading the book at the
    moment! Just a little over 300 pages to go! 

  5. Natalia Guzman says

    I don’t think Nicki went to far, she’s always doing crazy videos and Chris
    Brown may have done bad things, but his music is a separate thing. I’m
    sorry but Kanye makes decent music but we all know he is basically in love
    with himself. (please no hate) and Insurgent trailer looked amazing! 

  6. E Ivorii says

    These two sound really dramatic and stupid. Can clever news please get new
    and more professional commentators? The video isn’t even scary at all
    really. And Chris Brown’s singing was the best part of the song. It
    would’ve been cool if he was doing some type of dance.

  7. Alexa L. says

    im sorry i dont mean to offend u but u 2 r Barbies like u dont like rap and
    hate on it unstopably like if u dont like it then lay off.
    just had to get that off my chest

  8. Hailie Grace says

    Omg JB reminds me of Eminem with that hair style. In the back of my mind i
    feel like he did it for that purpose. Let’s be honest…..why would someone
    get that hairstyle if it doesn’t work for them unless it’s for attention?
    Anyway congrats on your 1M subs!

  9. jesus navarrete says

    You guys always gotta hate on Nicki Minaj’s stuff. This is more of trash
    talk then actually real talk. Tbh

  10. Daniel B says

    awww I don’t like horror movies either – like The Ring DID MY FUCKING HEAD
    IN whereas #DemiLovato she fucking loves e.g. The Conjuring + halloween +
    The Following tv show (about a psychopath with a lot of social media
    followers? I dunno I couldn’t watch it).

    I think it’s like Marmite – have you heard of that substance? It’s English.
    People either love it or hate it. I could fucking bathe in it. It’s like
    black tar and sex mixed together. I guess horror movies are similar –
    people either instinctively like them or instinctively don’t like them.

  11. Scott Simmich says

    Nicki Minaj looked fab in it but yeah, it was extremely disturbing and I
    don’t even like the lyrics or song for that matter, the only part I like is
    ‘Let it soak in, like seasoning’ 

  12. Danny H says

    Can everyone who is talking about what they said of the “Only” music video
    just STFU PLEASE!!! is their opinion. If you don’t like what they said;
    just say that you disagree with them or dislike the video. PLEEEEASE STOP

  13. Nabiha Nuha says

    Nicki Minaj is PATHETIC!! And as usual, I’m not gonna say, “Sorry guys,
    it’s just my opinion” cuz’ I’m not sorry at all!!!!!!!! I mean, have u seen
    her music video ‘Anaconda’? It was by far the worst video ever! And if u
    haven’t yet seen it, then darling don’t; it’s not worth it!
    BTW, I wanna give shout outs 2 Selena for handling the “Justin” situation
    so well! U r the best, giiiiiiiiirrrrllll!!!!!!!

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