1. PixelPerfect says

    I hope this butt trend doesn’t continue into the next year… I hope
    people realize that these songs are horrid and ask for something new.

  2. JHaru777 says

    This song is really…. yyyyeeeaaahhhhhh. I dunno, I think Minaj should
    stop music and become a voice actress because she was great as Sugalite and
    I think she could have an interesting voice for it. XD

  3. crazyinsane500 says

    The problem with Anaconda is that it’s only hook is ripped from another,
    better, song. This means Nicki’s *song* will die in obscurity. However,
    nobody visits Nicki’s video for the song in the first place.

    Also, the problem with fashion until recently was that ass-fat was still
    considered fat as opposed to attractive. 

  4. DeadEyeMaverick says

    Whatever happened to a nice rack?
    I mean, I like ass, but, (hehe punny) I think we have had enough.
    The Booty overload is throwing the universe off balance man! We need boobs!
    Boobs I say!

  5. Rubashow says

    Why is “fuck those skinny bitches” even relevant? Why would you care? Since
    we have convinced ourselves on a societal level that the slightes
    uncomfortable aspect of video games and movies causes hundreds of teens to
    swing from a rafter, we completely lost distance and perspective. This is
    to a large extent because of professional victims and feminism, that you
    refuse to criticize, lifting up and demonizing media to something that
    informs our complete personalities, when it’s absolutely not. 

  6. truwho82 says

    Niki Minaj scares the absolute shut out of me. I can imagine late at night:
    I can’t sleep I hear a faint “Duhn do da Duhn duh Duhn duhn” I open my
    eyes. I see Niki on the ceiling crawling around while her head does the
    exorcist twist. I scream and her plastic buns land on my face and suffocate

  7. tillyiswhite says

    i respect todd and his opinions and that he looks deep into songs to say if
    they’re good or bad, but i think nicki minaj is literally the fucking
    anti-christ, all of her music is just awful! and little 12 year girls eat
    it all up for what ever reason forcing her fat ass into the charts so you
    hear her everywhere!!! and i’m not some big “oow rap is terrible and is
    corrupting all the kids” or what ever, rap/ hiphop is without a seconds
    doubt my favourite type of music i love everything from 2pac to eminem but
    lil wayne, kanye, drake and all though’s ones (you know the ones) make me
    sick to my stomach and the absolute worst of them all is nicki fucking
    minaj!!! all see does is rap about being a complete slut and she’s not even
    being original cuz lil kim did all that before her. and it wouldn’t be so
    bad if she was terrible and no one cared about her but since she’s like the
    face of hiphop these days it puts people of the entire genre of music
    because people who might of liked rappers like biggie and 2pac she her ugly
    ass face and just say no to rap as a whole because they saw her first and
    they probably think all rappers are like that!!! i hate her more than

  8. KeeperofToast says

    Screw rap, screw Eminem, screw Nicki, screw everything rap stands for,
    screw anbody who thinks butt songs are a good thing! 

  9. Darion Jordan says

    Todd… i love ya man, but did you just call Drake a good rapper?

    Oops, excuse me.

  10. buffy summers says

    “Fuck skinny bitches in the club” you do know the fact that she adds “in
    the club” means she’s talking SPECIFICALLY about skinny BITCHES who laugh
    at fat girls IN CLUBS? There’s a huge difference between insulting someone
    for being skinny and telling a skinny bitch to fuck off.

    Skinny people are literally PRAISED for being skinny, and while there’s
    absolutely nothing wrong with your body, there’s something seriously wrong
    about that. Stop getting mad everytime they make something that’s not
    targeted at you. 

  11. Anthony Vaccaro says

    I think big butts are disgusting. If you like them thats fine. I like them
    sometimes. I like spread apart butts. That doesn’t make me gay. I like
    girls who look fit, thigh gap. Honestly i don’t get how you would want
    touch where a girl shits out of. 

  12. SuperSparrow45 says

    I don’t know what anybody was expecting. Nicki hasn’t put out any decent
    material since…well ever. She’s a glorified stripper, disguised as a
    musical “artist”. Quite frankly, what’s the point of even acknowledging her
    songs, as they shouldn’t even be considered music. It’s just smut with a

    Pink Floyd is music, Soundgarden is music, Michael Jackson is music, Tool
    is music. Nicki is not music. 

  13. jose madrid says

    I find that people either hate it or love, very few in between. I LOVE this
    song. It’s catchy, it’s ratchet, she’s being slutty and crazy, that’s it,
    it’s just a fun song. When it comes on at the club, everyone goes crazy and
    just has a blast. That’s all the song is meant to do and it does a great
    job at it. This whole year has had the most boring radio play with songs
    like fancy, rude, latch, rather be and all these wack ass songs, I’m happy
    something this edgy, fun, and just bizarre song came out and gave it some

  14. wishbone346 says

    To anyone thinking Niki Minaj, or any other pop star for that matter, is
    “stupid” I’d just like to point out one little fact. They’re making
    millions of dollars at the expense of the ignorant masses. That takes
    intelligence. If anything these pop stars are evil geniuses.

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