1. nicole cuevas says

    did i read this right “holy trinity” Blaspheme @ its finest! Oh Lord in
    heaven show them the truth Lord! JESUS CHRIST THE ONLY WAY! GET SAVED
    PEOPLE!!! JAMES 4:7 surrender to God resist the devil & he will flee!

  2. SVictoriaL says

    Beyonce needs Rihanna alot more on a song. If anything Rhianna will be
    lowering her standards for working with Thirsty Beyonce.

  3. Lavinia Pahulu says

    to those that think that beyonce would be lowering herself to Rihanna’s
    status. one thing i want to say is thaaaanx are you saying that Rihanna is
    above Beyonce..sic.. anyway they both work together you dick.. Rihanna held
    back to let her sister shine while she allowed her album to come fourth.
    Go Rihanna this new album has the same objective as everyone else’s .. to

  4. Olivia Coleman says

    Rihanna has been killing the game long before Nicki & B. did so if anything
    they are all beautiful women who could use each other on a song here and

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