1. Onyka Jallim says

    He let his feelings out I’d done the same you can’t play with people’s
    feelings, emotions like that she just up and live just like that hmm mm he
    was always a secret but meek mill is always seen with her what comes around
    goes around no one is perfect but he knew her to nothing and he made her
    who she is I’m sure. Strong song

  2. Dominic Richardson says

    Lmaooo in luv ass niggaer meek probably Donkey Kong fuckin her to this Sade
    but funny ass song . …lmao that man goin to kill himself over that

  3. Cristen Freeman says

    We don’t know what reay happen between them they are human just like us ,
    yu know happen when ppl get famous yu have to deal with things or just
    leave .

  4. Dominic Richardson says

    And one of the befor she was famous pic with her hair pulled back edges all
    ruff in shit she looked like chriq Fredo without her make up..lool

  5. CuteLittleIdeas1 says

    They should just be friends because it sounds like that’s all he wants is
    to be friends 

  6. TrueTubeRadio says

    There is two sides to this story. Better believe Nicki got a story to tell
    as well…. more to come……

  7. Le' Be says

    Every time I hear this I get tears in my eyes. Smh love is can be so hard.
    They were together for 12 years it’s gonna take them a while to get each
    other off their minds. I wish them both the best and FYI this wasn’t a diss

  8. jeremy olden says

    yeah not a diss song, he didn’t say anything negative about Nicki. he just
    expressed his feelings and state somethings that might or might not be
    facts/events or complete facts/events.

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