1. ycg black and gold gang realwestside says

    Whatever he drinkin must be good af cuz he keep smackin everyy time he talk

  2. BigJoka OriginalTrumpKard says

    Dis nigga and dat damn SMACKIN!!!
    Sheeeesh!! WTF MANNN!!
    Oh I get it.
    He SALTY. Maybe SALT make you smack like dat.
    Take dat L nigga….

  3. Laron Ireland says

    He smack his lips hella much, that boy seem fruity then a mf. Men don’t
    smack that lips like that buy he kept it cool on nicki

  4. Nifah Williams says

    Is it just me or did this guy smack his lips like 90 million times. I hope
    nicki realized she was with a gay man because honey is serving me QUEEN
    realness lol

  5. A-Jai Shah says

    After watching Jordin Sparks chat for 30 minutes non-stop and thend this
    guy for 4 minutes, it is quite evident who went to school and who didn’t.

    In his 4 minutes, it was like trying to extract teeth.

    Not to forget the smacking of his lips, you just want to smack him.

    And what is up for the 80’s/90’s look with the fur coat?

  6. ellis lovelybowz says

    honestly i always saw him as a free-loader. so im glad she got rid of him.
    or if he broke up with her. doesnt matter. and im not tryna sound like idc
    about their feelings, but i just always saw him as a free-loader that needs
    to be kicked to the curve. and plus he always said some smart crap out of
    his mouth on camera to the world that just shouldnt had been said. and even
    nicki has looked at him crazy for doing that. i mean, i know you tryna put
    the haters in their place, but it was like he was saying it to everyone.
    hater or no hater. 

  7. BETH Goldberg says

    This nigga must need some chapstick or somthing …..i mean damn how many
    times u gonna smack dem big big ass lips during a interview like wtf ewwww

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