1. Kiba Inuzuka says

    Btw am I the only one who saw the other characters iRawss made? Look at the
    bottom left corner!

  2. Katie Scott says

    Theo James!!! PLZ I would love you forever and always (not that I don’t
    already) but I would love you MORE! I would die if you madd him!! Xoxo

  3. ShadeOfEclipse says

    When is the sims 4 CAS demo coming out to the public? I haven’t got it on
    origin so idk if it hasn’t or has come out to the public yet.

  4. SuppaMeggaLeggaEpix says

    Her nose was way off from her real nose. I think she was better before you
    started editing her face…

  5. Jelboo says

    I would ask for Michael Jackson but that would just end up in a
    disrespectful bash-fest, and if not in the video, definitely in the
    comments. Dude was hella good-looking back in the day.

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