1. Yael Greenberg says

    the sketch itself was really smart and funny. nicki can’t act though, and
    so it didn’t come across. if they had an actress impersonating kim talking
    about the photos it would have been super funny

  2. Shoaib Naqvi says

    What’s the phrase again? The pot calling the kettle black? This is
    basically the same thing. How is she making fun of Kim Kardashian (not that
    I am a fan) for nude photos especially after she released Anaconda to the
    world and burned that image into our innocent minds.

  3. Jahzara Enzo says

    Shes doing the most to stay more relevant than other industry bitches.
    She’s breaking her nails to stay on and not fall into the deep well of
    Lame and silicone filled like the Kuntdashians

  4. Ariel B says

    I agree with Christian Rosales, if she is going to ACT she needs to do it
    well, at least change your voice. I just watched the beyonce skit she did
    and it really sucked. I love nicki and Bey but that was bad. I also love
    SNL but again, disappointed.

  5. Ricky Mulah says

    Damn. This is only SNL and people so damn serious online. It’s suppose to
    be a damn parody. Y’all bitches angry…. FOR WHAT? 

  6. velkan franchez says

    I think it was good for her first time doing a skit on snl, y’all need to
    easy up with the bad comments, she is not a cast on snl, she is just a
    guest. I have seen actors do fucking worse.

  7. Angel Monae says

    She’s trying to really make Kim Kardashian look stupid. Nicki Minaj you
    make fun of her nudes, but you should try to make fun of your Anaconda
    cover before you talk about someone else’s nudes. Nicki Minaj really should
    be the last one trying to make someone look stupid over their naked photos.
    Make yourself look stupid for your photo AND THEN come back & try to say
    something about Kim.

  8. Rahali Dora says

    Kimberly have a soft sweet voice. does not resemble to nicki’s at all.
    Nicki s voice is awful +slutty.

  9. Dakota Gentry says

    I am NOT even talking about Nicki Minaj at the moment but I was thinking
    earlier today, if the news ever says that Kim Kardashian has been kidnapped
    and raped or something along those lines, I do not want to hear the drama.
    Since Kim put it all out there for the ENTIRE COUNTRY TO SEE, why wouldn’t
    someone want to take it. What these women do not see is “you are treated
    based on how you act”. If Kim wants to act like a slut and COMPLETELY
    MALFUNCTION our innocent brains, then it would not surprise me at all if
    that happened to her, because she deserved it!

  10. NeedMoreCoffee says

    HOLY SHIT you children need to grow up. She is not even saying ANYTHING BAD
    about Kim or being nude. She is kidding around. This is FUNNY, there isn’t
    a single insult in there. If you can’t see that, maybe you need to just
    have yourself checked our because either your parents or the internet
    raised you badly at knowing what is and what isn’t bad. Good luck in real
    life, munchkins.

  11. Mfundo Zondi says

    People get angry at comedy now? what the heck? Social media has made
    everyone think that they’re smart and their opinions must be heard. Nicki
    does not owe you anything, neither does SNL, don’t like it? change the
    channel and spare us your crybaby whinny opinions.

  12. Marvin perez says

    How is this motherfucker still alive he died already?! Don’t you remember
    him from him singing the “TROLL SONG” thus guy is immortal

  13. Ryan Azucena says

    Not even look or listening to the Act: looking at her boobs though haha, on
    the other hand I watched the video again trying to cover her boobs on my
    phone so that I won’t be distracted. It made me crack my ass so hard read
    funny as heck! And YALL don’t blame Nicki it’s all scripted. 

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