1. Oberyn Martell says

    Oh my god you can’t objectify yourself!!! Objectification is when YOU view
    someone as an object instead of a person, nobody can force you to do that,
    it is your responsibility not to, not hers!!!

  2. Badger with a troubled past and nothing to lose says

    That part where she talked about rape in college really took me back. I
    mean, in england – where i live, anyway – a rape has never happened, and if
    it were to happen it would shock the whole county (county, not country).
    The fact that she said “and this is in a college with a very low rape rate”

  3. Ozzeyosa11 says

    Tell me girls. Why don’t nerdy boys with great personalities get
    girlfriends and the badly behaved hunk with 6 packs do…. Yeah….. So
    much for ‘like us for our personality’ 

  4. Penny Lane says

    Just ask some male gamers. They will explain to you that if we have a
    problem, it’s all-powerful feminists enslaving men or something.

  5. 2 Players 1 Controller says

    It’s funny how girls don’t like nerdy guys with a good personality but they
    like guys that have bad behavior with a 6 pack even when girls say they
    like them for their personality.

    ….yeah okay then.

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