Tidal Opening (Beyonce Jay Z Rihanna Daft Punk Nicki Minaj Madonna Usher and more)


  1. Daft Darlin' says

    I can’t help it, I went CRAZY looking at Thomas and Guy-Man write their
    names on a piece of paper!!

  2. Conor Sullivan says

    They call themselves artists, artists don’t care about the money, they care
    about the message of their music. These aren’t artists, they’re sell outs. 

  3. Juan Carlos Cruz says

    …owning the means of production. .it is great. Now applyite the same
    comcet to every thing you consume or product and you will change capitalism
    for ever. 

  4. 85JTL says

    Hell yeah. The multi millionaire- & billionaire artists are just about to
    get even richer. Like they don’t have enough money?! lol

  5. nadin burkan says

    This is so disgusting , as if they didn’t make enough money and now they
    ask for 20$ a month for listening to their crappy music

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