1. NiNi Love says

    I’m so disappointed in this video, they hyped it up and made it look like
    it was gonna be some damn chemistry or something, can I see some eye
    contact between nicki and trey or nah?! Smfh.

  2. Seleta Cromwell says

    What is the point of the two pills. I thought I was going to be able to
    choose my own video. Where does the red pill lead?????

  3. Kira James says

    I think the video could’ve been way better than this like for real 🙁 but I
    still love the song and you too Trey :)

  4. Bravo Anane says

    Inside scoop. This is the joke video. It doesn’t make sense as he was
    dreaming. In the part 2 he actually gets ready for a late night out, calls
    a taxi to a party. Coming soon 

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