Twerking Ass Match Between – Iggy Azalea Twerk vs Nicki Minaj Twerk ✪ AllOfEntertainmentTV


  1. AllOfEntertainmentTV says


  2. Denasia Gross says

    Are you HELL Niki is way better than Iggy sorry Iggy I love you to but Niki
    twerk BETTER than YOU

  3. Naomi Likibi says

    nicki minaj won even if her ass is fake it’s actually 100 persent fine and
    she twerks better then iggy and can shake rapper do more shakeing and
    raping then iggy so don’t just pick iggy beacuse her ass is fake who cares
    this a twerking contest not about if the ass is fake so nicki won iggy
    can’t twerk nick is a queen

  4. Alex Lara says

    Y’all are so stupid talking about iggys ass like really if her ass is real
    or fake how the f*** does that affect you Nicki Minaj ass is fake I don’t
    see u all telling her s*** about it any and iggys ass is real like wtf is
    wrong with you all talking about her like really is there anything else you
    can go do 

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