Ultimate Twerking of Nicki Minaj ✪ Best Twerks with Big Fat Ass of All Time ✪ AllOfEntertainmentTV


  1. autria robinson says

    Drake could barely contain himself here he could barely hang in the
    anaconda video wonder how long he was in the bathroom after that lol.

  2. autria robinson says

    He was rubbing his head trying to maintain composure but you know it was to
    no avail other ” things” have a mind all their own.

  3. autria robinson says

    Look at Wayne’s face he was in awe wonder how Christina milian felt when
    she saw this lol.

  4. autria robinson says

    That has got to be weird giving the guy who helped you get your recording
    contract a lap dance without feeling uncomfortable.

  5. autria robinson says

    4:50 wow so many men wish to do that for real even if there may be a chance
    that it may be the last night they are alive well at least the angels would
    send them to the pearly gates a happy man lol.

  6. Jeeny William says

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    most hottest part of female …..Some models are doing surgery on
    butt to enhance the size of butt.. ..the fleshy pumpkin like
    butts are hot in nature. Even my butt is looking like pumpkin.
    Every day My husband says I have a mouth watering butt…… and
    I am proud of my hot butt…..It is also true that anal sex is
    very much popular among teenagers. .

  7. Nick Devil says

    omg i love her ass i want her nude sooooo bad ,,love to see her taco from
    behind ,pleezzzzzzz nicki do playboy,,

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