1. Daniel Reilly says

    I never Met a celebrity……well a REAL celebrity, I’ve met one or two
    Z-List from a show Called Faircity(Irish Soapdrama) The guy who plays hook
    in Once and the guy with the small arms in AHS Freakshow both were on Fair
    city before their carrier took off.

  2. lizabernie says


    And ugh I love Rob Thomas. He’s compassionate towards humans, animals, is a
    musician, and he’s hot. His wife is one lucky lady.

  3. Emilyandella 10 says

    I met Alfie deyes (pointlessblog) (he’s a youtuber) at his book signing the
    girls in front of me bought him millys cookies and he said that’s so sick
    and I was like omg I love it when he says that he looked up at me and says
    I know it is sick I cringed then started crying when I met him i gave him a
    big huge and he smelt so nice I sniffed him with out realizing and I was
    like sorry as we was walking of I was like he smells so nice. And he heard

  4. Change1 says

    Shanna would be a great match for permanent Pop Trigger host. She’s funny,
    goofy and silly YET can get really serious and all three of you have a
    great chemistry when she’s in the pannel. Just a thought 🙂 

  5. sheepseaexplorer says

    Gotta give that kid props for his plan. I’ve never met a celebrity before.
    At least like mainstream celebrities. I’ve met people in bands, but that’s
    about it.

  6. Hilary Sturges says

    I met Billy Dee Williams at a comic convention. It got so awkward. “I
    know, this is weird, but can you sign it to my dog? His name is Lando. I
    know It’s so weird. Sorry. But it’s okay because he’s really handsome and
    well behaved.” I should not be allowed to talk to people.

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