1. blondepiratesarecool says

    Nicki’s actually a surprisingly good voice actress, she voiced a character
    in Steven Universe (My current favorite cartoon, despite my icon) and it
    was actually pretty cool.

  2. DisplayName says

    Who hates Nicki Minaj?? I don’t like Arianna just because her voice
    irritates me. But Nicki?! C’mon bro

  3. marlene88782 says

    nicki minaj isn´t even worth being called an artist.
    ariana grande got a pretty nice voice, but that´s it. she doesn´t write her
    own songs and she doesn´t seem to have any personality at all. like when
    she gets asked something, it usually sounds like she learned it by heart
    before or it´s not coming from herself.

  4. sushibu says

    apparently she also requests to be carried around behind the scenes at
    shows, yells at her workers, and bosses everyone around so much that they
    usually stop working with her. She denies all this even though there are
    some footage of these things.

  5. Cornij van den Bogaard says

    Once one of my frends said he finds nikky minaj attractive

    So i gave him a piece of plactic
    “Cause its the same thing”

  6. Xx_FaZe_Rolf_xX l says

    Q: Should parents push their beliefs onto their children? E.g
    vegetarianism, religion, various prejudices, careers etc… Or should we
    tell them about everything and tell them to make their own choice?

  7. DigitalRealm says

    I see why people may not like Nicki Minaj because of her rapping and
    singing but as a person she’s actually good. She encourages people to go to
    school, constantly talks on feminist matters, and she interacts with her
    fans a lot.

  8. Ticy Phenyl says

    FYI The lyric is actually:
    “He say, “Nicki don’t stop, you the bestest”
    And I’d just be coming off the top, asbestos”

    A little breakdown:
    Asbestos is a building material that was commonly used in roofs constructed
    before 1980 as a fire retardant and insulator. It’s now removed, when
    possible, because it’s a dangerous carcinogen

    Just as asbestos comes off the top of ceilings for safety reasons, Nicki
    “comes off the top” (freestyle/improvises her raps). It’s worth noting that
    “asbestos” is homophonic to “as bestest”

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