1. Jennifer Walsh says

    Say what you will, but Iggy slays all the haters. It seems like she’s being
    the bigger person and not firing shots back

  2. Hozay Florian says

    That chick who was talking about Iggy not being American is ignorant and
    shady as hell, so damn what no one ever said anything about Adele, One
    Direction, Drake, Justin Bieber, Susan Boyle. She mad cus Iggy far better
    than her. – Haters back off *Miranda Sings voice*

  3. Nicky Pandass says

    Iggy is so classy when people hate on her… but honestly why can’t they
    accept that not only black people can rap? like where’s the love people,
    who gives a fuck if she’s white, stop tryna find other excuses to hate on

  4. MsAllGoodNameTAKEN says

    Honestly, I feel like some people in the industry are probably threatened
    of iggy. They’ve work hard to stay relevant but she comes in slaying
    everyone. But I agree, women shouldn’t be putting other women down, that’s
    just wrong. Iggy has more class and is the realest of all those mentioned.
    Okay so while they continue to hate Iggy will be relishing in her 6AMAs
    nominations, her VEVOCertification, her number one Hits, and so forth✌️

  5. glowh flestado says

    Why are these black people hating on this white girl Iggy Azalea, she’s
    good and totally rocking it. She deserves to be given an applause. She’s
    here to give entertainment, not feuding with other people. 

  6. SophieSmiles says

    Jealous!! They just made cause she getting herself known and doing better
    songs than all of them. I mean nikki’s new song anaconda? Really? A reason
    she shouldn’t write her own lyrics, as for whoever that guy is saying Iggy
    is fake I’m pretty sure Nikki has had pretty much everything redone on
    herself. I mean seriously Google nikki minaj before plastic surgery 0.0
    wow! Lol. Hatersgunnahate! 

  7. Sabrina Devine says

    I bet iggy having a hard time on all this haters. Stay strong girl everyone
    deserve to do what they want. Sometime we got to do what we got to bh
    standing up for ourself. 

  8. Nicki Minaj says

    Nicki Minaj Is The Queeen Of Hip Hop , She Writes Her Own Raps And Songs ,
    She Can Sings , She Can Twerk , Shes A Forbes List Memeber , So COME ON ,
    Did Iggy Had THis Things , Iggy Isnt The Queen Of Rap , And She Would Never
    Be , Dont U Even THink About Comparing The Both of Them , ( Queens Stay
    Queens , White BITCHES Staaay White BITCHES ) .

    #TeamMinaj #Baaaaaaaaaaaarbz #ThePinkPrint #QueeeenOfRaaaap 

  9. Si3rraSmith says

    Wow Iggy is being striaght up ganged up on, but she is handling every
    situation with class and I give her credit for being the bigger person!
    Nicki wouldnt be talking crap if she didn’t feel threatened so i guess Iggy
    is doing something right. The biggest joke is Nicki acting like she wrote
    all of her stuff! Its the freakin music business! People dont write each
    and every song they have but its about the performance and entertainment.
    C’mon Nicki we all know lil wayne wrote all your shit when you first
    started. Anyways haters guna hate but they should realize ganging up on
    one girl is guna make her look like a victim especially if she is only
    responding with kindness and classiness!

  10. mondodicarlo says

    Nicki Minaj…maybe i don’t know but Snoop Dogg and Tyler The Creator are
    real rappers they’re from the ghetto Iggy Azalea is like a Justin Bieber or
    Vanilla Ice 

  11. AnnieCzyli Ania says

    I love Iggy shes the only rapoer i like because i prefer other music, her
    music is catchy , an shes well pretty

  12. Tyrique LewsinkiMinaj says

    Nicki minaj and Iggy Azalea never was beefing and are cool… shut up bitch
    and speak On Snoop dogg and iggy not a made up media BEEF !

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